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Jessica Valenti

"Jessica Valenti is an idiot, and she is representa..."



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Best known as the founder of the once-prominent feminist blog Feministing, Jessica Valenti currently works as a staff columnist for The Guardian. Valenti has argued that virginity is a social construct in her book The Purity Myth, declared that women who claim to be rape victims should be automatically believed despite the evidence, and has advocated for rape trials returning to standards of proof that were abandoned in the Middle Ages.

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Announcement : A Bigoteer is someone who labels other people as "Biggots" for personal gain. This subjury is dedicated to bringing these individuals to light and ridiculing this cheap act.

The word 'Bigoteer" refers to an person who wrongfully labels others with terms that imply a certain bigotry (i.e. wrongfully calling someone a racist, sexist, xenophobic... ) for personal gain. B...

img 楠溪 陈 posted a review

I often feel that there are various levels that people are at when it comes to their understanding of attitudes of certain sociological situations.

I usually assume that people who appear to have a low level of understanding are either very much out of the loop or quite stupid.

Feminism makes women 'victims'? I think you've mistaken us for the sexists

To explain my above point better, I'll apply it to the issue discussed in the article.

So on the the first level, with the simplest, broadest and most basic understanding, is that sexism causes some women to become victims. Pretty much everyone is at the first level.

The second level would be the understanding that most people understand that sexism causes some women to become victims. The vast majority of people can reach this level.

The third level would be the understanding that while everyone is aware that sexism causes some women to be victims, some of the very people who understand that also feel that feminism sometimes treats all women as if they are helpless victims when this clearly isn't true. Anyone with average or above intelligence is aware of this.

Valenti, sadly, doesn't manage too well here. Gathering from the false dichotomy in her title, she genuinely believes that anyone who may say that feminism makes women victims must not be aware that women are ever victims of sexism. Not only that, with the "well, actually", "I'll have you know" vibe of the title it appears she doesn't even reach the second level.

(Of course, everyone knows that sexism makes some women victims, but that doesn't mean that one can't see how feminism makes the victimization of women seem far more ubiquitous than it really is.)

In the rest of the article, it's clear that she genuinely believes that the only people who oppose modern feminism are reactionary conservative wingnuts.

With all this in mind, it seems to me that Valenti is either extremely stupid, or completely out of touch, and I think she is actually very typical of modern feminism.

They spend so much time, patting each other on their backs, spending their entire time reading all the millions of blogs and tumblrs they have, with the only outsiders they concern themselves with being idiots they spar with on the other end of the horseshoe, that they've forgotten that there is a whole world out there of people who simply do not give one single, solitary crap for their views or beliefs. Liberals, centrists, socialists, libertarians, anarchists... atheists, agnostics, Christians, Mohammedans, Buddhists, Hindus... models, athletes, actors, politicians, and pornstars... individuals from demographics of every type and kind consider Valenti and her ilks brand of feminism, and popular modern feminism in general, as mostly just a pile of steaming crap that's not aware enough of it's own irrelevancy.

on July 12, 2016
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Jessica Valenti

Jessica Valenti is an idiot, and she is representative of how most feminism is today
Book rating: 6 out of 100 with 1 ratings