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By Anonymous on July 10, 2016

Feminist Frequency's videos typically consist of Anita taking (mostly stolen) footage from video games, showing it out of context and criticizing it using her limited understanding of feminism. Since she isn't actually a feminist, she has no idea what she's talking about. Since she isn't an academic (her only degree is in communication and her thesis is laughable), she doesn't have any skills at critical analysis, and since she's not a gamer (as she admitted in lecture in the Santa Monica College in California in early 2010) she can't even find good clips. As a result, she has to sensationalize every piece of footage she does find. For instance, game developer Daniel Vavera claims she shot a woman in his game and then lied and said the game forced her to do this.

Most of her criticism comes in the form of cherry-picking and double-binds, wherein no matter what a game does, it's wrong. If a female character is pretty, then she's sexualized. If she's ugly, then it's an insult to women, and if she's plain, she isn't a "strong female character" and so on.

Since there is no real reason to scrutinize the opinions in her videos, let's get to what actually matters:
Despite asking for $6k and receiving over $160,000, there has been no noticeable improvement in the quality of her videos. The camera quality is the same, the animation is the same, the production value is the same. It's hard to understand why she would need six thousand dollars to improve videos where all she does is stand and talk, and already has the equipment for since she has been making them for free for several years already.

In the end, all that seemed to improve is that she might have gotten a new green screen, some new shirts (with extra pockets to stuff Kickstarter money into), several more layers of already excessive, clown-like make up and pocketed the rest of the money. Despite getting over 25 times the money that she was originally scamming people for, Anita was too greedy to spend even an ounce of that money making the videos better.

Of the 12 "Tropes against women in video games" that she promised to discuss in her Kickstarter campaign, she has so far covered three and is currently two years behind her final due date with no end or "Backer Rewards" deliveries in sight. All the stupid beta males who were fooled by her now champion her cause even harder to avoid the cognitive dissonance that they feel from the subconscious realization that they had been scammed.


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