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By Dave Blank on February 7, 2017

Saying things you might not want to hear.

The protagonist is based on a real-life historical figure named William Adams who was basically a pirate from England who arrived in Japan in the early 1600s and eventually trained as a Samurai, which is a very very rare occurrence throughout history. So we were just really fascinated by his story and thought he was a real badass, and that is why we wanted to use his story as our main character’s. Since the game is so based around his story, we decided not to have any custom character creation.

Out of so many badass Japanese samurai in history, they have to pick that one white dude to be their savior. This is like the film "Great Wall", starring Matt Damon who's a white guy that saves the day out of so many Chinese.


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Nioh Reviewed by Dave Blank on . Score: 9