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By Anson Ho on July 10, 2016

Hong Kong People, but have Hong Kong

This guy is a snake. Hillary is a snake. He is lying to your face, has been shown to lie, has done a horrible job and you STILL believe him! If you do, youre a fool. Spent more money than any other president in the last 100 years, aside from WW2 and Great Depression. He "brought the budget deficit down by 1/3" HAHAHAHAH yeah right. He boost it up 500% when he first came in, then kept it that way! His lowest year of spending was the same as bushes average year of spending!!! If you support him, youre an idiot! I keep listening to him and hear lies, lies, lies. Race, race, race, fat cats, cats, fat cats, blah blah blah. He is such a horrible person.

" His only plan is to build a bigger wall" Lie
" People say our administration is great now" Lie
lie, lie, lie, lie


Not enough data

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